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  Po Tak Transport Ltd c 1988
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PoTak Transport Limited Co. has the unique, professional and reliable management.Our goal is to accomplish customers' needs. Customers' satisfactions are what we always care. "Safe and fast", "Services orientated" are the services beliefs that every staff of us values. We provide high quality services for customers throughout the year.
Sight in the future
We are going to continue on adding additional equipments, in order to tie in the stable growth of container transportation, maintaining operating efficiency and to increase market share. A revolutionary renewal is part of our plan. First, the transportation network navigation system is going to be developed to increase the efficiency of our transportation team. Secondly, current computer equipments and systems would be updateed to enhance operating performances.
With the aim to co-operate with government's open door policy, evaluate timely mainland's investment container transportation related businesses, purchase containers' equipments and to expand cargo transportation business. For overseas and mainland's joint-businesses such as, hoisting... , not only cultivate professional employees, but also get into overseas market, enlarging the operating scale.
For Storage Logistic, we are going to further our relationship with other factories partners (especially some well-know factories), in order to promote new products and advance services quality, and to meet with the market demand. By doing so, we can attract more customers to place order to us, an increased volume of sales is expected which makes storage logistics sector's increases on the scale of our company's revenue year by year.
We work with international and local airlines and provide fast global air freight.
One of the most successful port containers' transport agency company in Hong kong.
Our fleet has 30 more different kinds of advanced lorries which take any kinds of cross-border fround transportation.
Storaage management, distribution services, package processing services, information and invoices management.
Our professional crew provides international customers to customers delivering services.